Since Srila Prabhupada wanted awesome temples to be built, beautiful pictures in his books, wonderful songs played to greet the Deities, and prasadam to always taste delicious, it’s clear that he had an appreciation of both culture and beauty. Although the concept of beauty can vary widely from place to place, there are certain standards of excellence — as in architecture, fine art, song, dance, drama, cinema, and food. However, in the spiritual world ALL steps, ALL words, and ALL liquid are always referred to as dances, songs, and nectar. In the spiritual world, there is one absolute standard of beauty, — that which emanates from the incomparable beauty of Lord Krishna and everyone and everything intimately connected with Him. Therefore the name Krishna literally means the all-attractive or MOST beautiful. When we transfer our love of the `beautiful’ people and things of this world, to the unprecedented beauty of Krishna, we are living in the spiritual world, even while encaged in this material body.