I am not the Body

When it comes to dying, each body deteriorates in the same way. In this way we are all equal. We can return to the beautiful verse in the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam which dramatizes how the material body, no matter how high a position it achieves in the material world, ends up as ashes, earth or defecation. Interred bodies eventually become earth, incinerated ones become ash, and cadavers and mortally wounded humans consumed by jackals, dogs or vultures (as occurs in some parts of the world) transform into stool. “The body that at first rides high on fierce elephants or chariots adorned with gold and is known by the name “king” is later, by Your invincible power of time, called “feces,” “worms,” or “ashes.” 10.51.50 (The chapter’s title is “The Deliverance of Mukunda”)