Solutions as Problems

After reciting the punar musiko bhava story in 1972 in Los Angeles, Srila Prabhupada immediately explained its relevance. This is the excerpt from that lecture: “So this mouse also came and begged the saintly person, ‘Sir, I am in difficulty. If you give me some blessing?’ ‘What is that?’ ‘The cat chases after me always. I’m very unhappy.’ ‘So what do you want?’ ‘Now, if you make me a cat, then I can get relief from this thing.’ ‘All right, you become cat.’ So he became cat. So after few days, again he comes. ‘Sir, again I am in trouble.’ ‘What is that?’ ‘The dog is chasing me.’…. ‘All right, then, what do you want?’ ‘Now, make me a tiger.’ ‘All right, you become a tiger.’ So when he became a tiger he was staring on the saintly person like this. So he asked, ‘Why you are staring upon me? You want to eat me?’ ‘Yes.’ So he again curses, punar musiko bhava: ‘Again you become mouse. Again you become mouse.’ So that is our position. We are advanced in civilization. Now we want to kill God. So we are again going to be uncivilized, to remain in the forest and to remain naked.”