Treat ‘Other’ Women As Your mother

In Mayapur, on 4 October 1974, Srila Prabhupada said: “Canakya Pandita says, matrvat para-daresu: ‘Any woman who is not your wife, she should be treated as your mother.’ This is moral instruction. Matrvat. At the present moment, they have invented the word bahinaji, ‘sister.’ No. In the Vedic culture, there is no such thing as ‘sister.’ ‘Mother,’ that is Vedic culture. Because mother is always respected, so any woman, if she is called ‘Mother…’ The brahmacari would go to the householder’s house and address the ladies, ‘Mother. Mother, give us some alms.’ So from the childhood, a brahmacari is trained to address all women as mother. Therefore, when they are young, they cannot see women in any other way. This is Vedic culture.” And on 9th October same year, same place Srila Prabhupada said, “Canakya Pandita said that ‘Except your wife, all women are your mother.’ This is pandita.”