Acintya Sakti Isn’t the Answer

For a human to have the mystic power to live in the water for an entire lifetime or to fly in the sky with telescopic vision, are not worthwhile goals for a Krishna consciousness aspirant. Here are two reasons why. Fish can live under water for a lifetime – for a human, that’s an inconceivable power – but they are easily victimized by a fisherman’s bait. Secondly, vultures and other predatory birds have the ability to fly high in the air and have keen eyesight. The can distinguish hundreds of yards away tiny objects on earth. But to what objects are they attracted? Dead bodies. Here’s something Srila Prabhupada specifically said about predatory birds, vultures: “Oh, the vulture can fly more than you. It is a vulture, and it flies many miles above, and it has got very sharp eyesight. The vulture is so up. The business is where there is a dead body. That’s all. He is trying to find out, “Where is a dead body?” You see? It goes high, but the business is to find out a dead body. That’s all.” (SB lecture 2.3.18-19, Los Angeles 13 June 1972.)