Jesus and Muhammed Were Saktyavesa Avatars

On December 31, 1966 (New York City) Srila Prabhupada spoke on the Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya-lila, Chapter 20, Verses 367-384, making the following observation: “So avatara, incarnation, comes to glorify the eternal existence of the Supreme Lord. So any avatara, any incarnation, he comes to glorify that ‘there is spiritual kingdom, there is God, and I have come to reclaim you to back to Godhead, back to home.’ This is the symptom. So therefore, by that symptom, we accept Lord Jesus Christ as saktyavesa avatara, or Hazrat Muhammad. He’s also, because these two religious leaders of the world preached about the glorification of the Supreme Lord. And they sacrificed everything for preaching the glories of the Lord….These are the symptoms by which we can understand that Jesus Christ and Hazrat Muhammad were saktyavesa avatars.”