Universal ‘Brotherhood’

In the last century the phrase ‘universal brotherhood’ was used a lot. Now, due to gender considerations, the words have become passe, and phrases like “the human family” and “love of everyone” are more in vogue. In New York City, on the 6th of January, 1967, Srila Prabhupada spoke these words about universal love: “As soon as you become Krsna conscious, as soon as you become God conscious, then your real universal, ideal, universal consciousness develops. Otherwise it is all simply jugglery. There are so many doctrines of universal love, universal friendship, fraternity, but they are fighting, and they are killing simply, because there is no God consciousness. If you are universal, if you are after universal love, then how you can maintain regular slaughterhouse? How you can think that an American gentleman or lady is your countryman and not a cow, and not a goat, not a serpent? Where is your universal idea? So unless there is development of God consciousness, this universal ideas, oh, these are nonsense. There cannot be. It is all false, jugglery of words. So first business is to understand your identity, identity of God, your relationship, and your action reformed in that way. Then there is question of universal, brotherhood, universal… Otherwise it is simply jugglery of words.”