George Harrison #4

Here’s the news release Syamasundara and I wrote on 30 November: NEWS RELEASE George Harrison has probably done more than any single popular cultural figure during these past few decades to spread spiritual consciousness around the world. He transferred his perceptions of a state of being beyond and higher than ordinary consciousness into the words and music that altered millions of lives. Along the way he became the friend and devoted servant of Bhaktivedanta Swami (“Prabhupad”), founder of the Hare Krishna movement. George’s relationship with the Hare Krishnas was deep and long abiding since he met them in the late sixties. During his last days, Krishna devotees were by his side and he left his body to the sounds of the Hare Krishna mantra. The devotees of Prabhupad are eternally grateful to George Harrison for his boundless services to all living beings. (Written by Shyamasundar das and Mukunda Goswami)