Gold Hoard in Brazil?

Sometimes it is said that Brazil is rich in gold. This is born out by modern information. We have also heard that Ravana’s Sri Lanka kingdom was built of gold imported from Brazil from Ravana’s brother. This is what Srila Prabhupada said about this during a conversation: “Ravana had a subway to Brazil…. And therefore Ravana had so much gold; he took it from his brother’s kingdom. Partly it was all one kingdom, and one part was being managed by his brother and one by himself. And in the Ramayana it is said that Rama and Laksmana were taken by a subway to Ravana’s place; that means Rama and Laksmana were taken to Brazil through subway. So now if you can make subways now — in Russia there is subway for five hundred miles — then why not five thousand miles? What is the difficulty? If it is possible to make subway up to five hundred, why not five thousand? It will require so many things.” Syamasundar interjects: “Oh. Go around the crust.” Srila Prabhupada continues: “Yes. Therefore ‘I am going in subway, now here is the hard column, so I go this way.’ “