Male and Female and desa, kala, patra

The male/female debate rages. Srila Prabhupada’s perspective was based on flexibility, or what we might call a preaching perspective. Here are some of his words on the topic: “So a brahmacari is strictly prohibited not to see even one young woman. But what can be done? In the Western countries, the boys and girls, they mix very freely. And if I say, ‘My dear boys, you cannot see even a young girl,’ then finished. My business there is finished. Therefore I have to arrange according to the country, according to the circumstances, as far as possible. So gradually, they are coming to the perfectional stage. So we have to adopt desa-kala-patra, according to time, according to… But we are keeping our principles as it is, but making arrangement according to the circumstances. That is required.” (public lecture in New Delhi, November, 1973).