Nothing is Sacred?

Sometimes Hare Krishna devotees sell paintings and earn money “on the black market” while simultaneously getting government support. During the time of Lord Caitanya, the Pathans – who were Muhammadans – ruled India. By their decree, the State language was Persion. And yet Lord Caitanya refused to interfere when Gopinath Patanayak, a tax collector and son of Bhavananda Roy, an intimate follower of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, was implicated in embezzlement and reported to be using the money for sense gratification. In this connection Krsnadasa Kaviraja quotes Lord Caitanya as follows: “‘The revenue of the government is more sacred than the property of a brahmana. One who misappropriates the government’s money and uses it to enjoy sense gratification is most sinful.’ ” (CC, Antya 9.89).