Srila Prabhupada wanted English to go global

On more than one occasion Srila Prabhupada indicated that English should be the universal language, not Esperanto, as was attempted in the last century. Although McWorld is American-English based, Srila Prabhupada had the foresight to know the world would follow America. Here are somes excerpts from a book about globalisation (if you hadn’t noticed, I’m now using King’s or Queen’s English, which is pretty much the New Zealand standard, hence you’ll find some “non-American” spellings from time to time): “The global culture speaks English — or, better, American. The queen’s English is little more today than a highfalutin dialect used by advertisers who want to reach affected upscale American consumers. American English has become the world’s primary transnational language in culture and the arts as well as in science, technology, commerce, transportation and bankingI.Music and television sings, shouts, and raps in English. French cinema ads are now frequently in English (where American English is to the French as British English is to Americans.The war against the hard hegemony of American colonialism, political sovereignty, and economic empire is fought in a way that advances the soft hegemony of American pop culture and the English language.” Maybe I’ll have to change my Microsoft spell-checker back to American English!