Have you ever been dehydrated? I mean REALLY dehydrated? It happened to me one day climbing Mount Baldy in California alone, in the hot summer. I had no water on me, and it was dry as a bone up there. On the way down, I felt a fatigue and a thirst like I’d never known. I thought to rest, but there was no shade, no vegetation – only dry hard dirt, small rocks and little clumps of brown grass. Not a spec of wind nor a tree in sight. And the sun was like an oven that just kept getting hotter. Each step became torture. I though I was going to die up there. I was sweating like a pig, praying for a stream. By God’s grace I finally found a brook. That afternoon I drank well over two gallons (eight liters) of water. Krishna says “I am the taste of water.” That day I finally realized what He meant.