What is a Miracle?

Srila Prabhupada addressed this topic once in a discussion with Syamasundara prabhu. “Miracles means you cannot conceive how it is being done. The same example, as I said, that if you want to paint one rose flower you require so many things, but that also is not real rose flower. But imitation, it may be perfect, but you have to take so much trouble in collecting the paint, the colors, and your energy, then duration of work, and some day it may come out perfect. But the same energy is working so swiftly that you see automatically a rose flower is coming out. The same example again: just like this airplane, there are thousands of complicated electronic machinery arrangements, but you see that the pilot is simply pushing a button. That’s all. But layman is seeing that, “Simply by pushing a button, a miraculous thing is happening.” But no, with the pushing of the button there are so many complicated machineries, they work one after another, one after another. So similarly, God’s energy is so subtle that simply by His willing, the process takes place, but it takes place so swiftly and quickly, we see it as miracle. So there is no such thing as miracle. The process is there, but it acts so quickly and nicely, we see it as miracle.”