According to statements by Srila Prabhupada, cloning was possible in prior yugas. He speaks about the phenomena in regards to Sita Devi. Here are the statements that constitute the evidence. “This is described in another Purana, that when Ravana came to kidnap Sita, Sita-devi disappeared from there and she kept a maya form, false form, and Ravana kidnapped her. This is stated in very authoritative scripture.” and “Then, when he was returning, I forget the name of the Purana… Kurma Purana. He got evidences that Sita-devi, when she was supposed to be kidnapped by Ravana, her, a false form was kidnapped, and when Sita-devi was tested, putting her into the fire, she entered into the fire and the maya Sita was burned and the original Sita came out. So it was not possible for Ravana to touch even the lotus feet of mother Sita. But apparently it is externally manifested that Sita was taken away…” (lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.7.43 on 3O Oct.’76 in Vrndavana) We understand that Krsna expands Himself into identical forms, but He’s no ordinary person. Neither is Sita devi, of course, but she’s not the same as the Personality of Godhead.