Percentages of Qualities

Here is a more technical way of explaining how Krishna is greater than Lords Siva and Brahma. From Srimad Bhagavatam, 1.3.28/purport: “And His personal expansions such as svayam-prakasa, tad-ekatma up to the categories of the avataras who are all visnu-tattva, possess up to ninety-three percent of these transcendental attributes. Lord Siva, who is neither avatara nor avesa nor in between them, possesses almost eighty-four percent of the attributes. But the jivas, or the individual living beings in different statuses of life, possess up to the limit of seventy-eight percent of the attributes.” From an Oct 21, 1972 lecture on NOD in Vrindavana: “The Krsna consciousness message is Krsna tu bhagavan svayam. There is no other Bhagavan. Bhagavan means full of six opulences. So Krsna is completely, cent percent full of all opulences. Even Narayana, He is ninety-six percent. And Lord Siva is eighty-four percent. And Brahma is seventy eight percent. These are calculated by the Gosvamis. So Krsna is cent percent Bhagavan.”