Sri Caitanya’s Birthplace

In “Sri Bhaktivinoda Vani Baibhava,” page 117, translated by Bhumipati dasa, the question is asked: “When the birthplace of Sri Gaura was discovered, how envious were the professional traders of religion?” The answer, which is said to be taken from the “Biography of Thakura Bhativinoda,” is: “When ancient Navadvipa was discovered, the people of modern Kuliya, Navadvipa, became very envious. They began to say so many things and showered various abusive words on the devotees of Gauranga. But those who have surrendered their body and mind at the feet of Gauranga will not retreat because of the devilish words of such people. Without paying attention to greedy godless people, Gauranga’s devotees endeavor to establish temples and worship the Deity.”