Srila Prabhupada’s Humility #1

This “thought for the day” is worth thinking about more than once. I like the exchange very much. It took place on October 28, 1975 at the end of a lecture in Nairobi. Here it is: Questioner: Swamiji, the Lord Krsna is showing visva-svarupa. Prabhupada: Yes. Questioner: So can you show me something about that visva-svarupa? Prabhupada: You ask me? So am I Krsna? (laughter) Why you are asking foolishly? That means you do not know Krsna. You are thinking me as Krsna. That you are foolish man. Questioner: No, I am not calling you are Krsna. Prabhupada: Then why you are asking to show visva-rupa? Questioner: Visva-svarupa because Krsna… Prabhupada: Visva-svarupa will be shown by Krsna, not by not me. I am not Krsna. Questioner: No, I am not saying you are Krsna. But you have said you are something about the… Prabhupada: I am Krsna’s servant. What Krsna says, I am carrying. That’s all. That is my position. I am peon. When the peon delivers one thousand rupees or shillings to you, it is not his money. The money is paid by somebody, but I honestly deliver to you. That’s all. Questioner: But Krsna has not given you power as guru? Prabhupada: Yes, yes. Questioner: So you can show? Prabhupada: So I am not so powerful that I can show the visva-rupa. He has given me this power, that “You go and speak to the foolish rascals that I am Bhagavan,” (laughter) that much power. Yes. That is my power. I can say to you that “Krsna is Bhagavan.” That’s all. I never become equal to Krsna.