East and West

Srila Prabhupada was asked to speak on the topic of “East and West” at Calcutta’s Indo-American Society on 31 January, 1973. In his talk he said, “Of course, I have got considerable experience now because I am wandering East and West, not only once, at least twice, thrice in a year. So far Krsna consciousness movement is concerned, we have no such thing, East and West. Just like the sun rises from the Eastern horizon and sets on the Western horizon, but the sun is the same. You cannot say that Eastern sun and the Western sun. That is not possible. The planet, this Earthly planet is moving and we are considering that the sun is moving from East and West. The sun, sun is in his position. Similarly, this Krsna consciousness movement has no such distinction between East and West. If there is such distinction, it is due to lack of knowledge.”