Panca Tattva Installation

Here is an excerpt from a passage written by Braja Sevaki regarding her view of the Panca Tattva Installation in Mayapura earlier this year: “As for me, I could only cry. Latika Bhakti agreed with me later, that Krishna had covered us over, because when the curtains opened, it was as if we were seeing Them for the first time, even after standing with Them for seven hours and polishing Their bodies for three hours. But it was only now that I realized the feeling I experienced wasn’t from ‘my’ seeing ‘Them’; the feeling I experienced was the ‘Lord’ seeing ‘me’. Their eyes were opened, and He was casting His loving glance over everyone…that was the difference. This wasn’t ‘darshan’ — it was the Lord’s turn to look upon us. That is what drove the assembled Vaisnavas through the atmosphere, landing them in the spiritual realm. Last night, without a doubt, we entered the spiritual world….”