The Breaking Point

A Christian history writer finds that marriages break up for three principal reasons: 1) there is a cost-benefit analysis, in which each partner determines whether the benefits of the marriage outweigh the “costs” to them. If the costs are too high, say good-bye and move on; 2) there is the solve-all-problems concept in which either partner may think their hang-ups and personal problems will be automatically solved by the marriage. In other words the marriage partner is their full time counsellor; 3) there is the Hollywood component. This is the idea that romance with Mr. or Mrs. Right will make everything absolutely perfect. With these three concepts in mind, the parents’ needs come first. The rights and desires of any children born to the couple are not the first priority, and often not considered carefully, if at all. Of course, all this is supported by a legal system in the West where “no-fault” divorces have minimized the sanctity of marriage as an institution.