Differences in Vaisnava Sampradayas

In Prema-pradipa, chapter 6, Srila Bhativinoda Thakura writes: “Vaisnavas from all* sampradayas have one philosophy. There are only some differences in some insignificant matters. All the Vaisnavas accept that the living entity is a separate truth from the Supreme Lord. All of them have accepted the path of devotional service.” (from Sri Bhaktivinoda Vani Vaibhava, translated by Bhaumipati dasa, page 66) *This apparently does not refer to the 13 pseudo-sampradayas including the: Aula, Baula, Karttabhaja, Neda, Daravesa, Sani, Sakhibheki, Gauranga-nagari, Cudadhari, Ativadi, Smarta, Sahajiya, and Jata-gosai.