Love and romance

I found this passage in a Tenth canto purport by Hrdayananda Maharaja and company illuminating the topic of love and romance. Here is what they write: ?Since the beginning of time men and women have been inspired to poetic rapture by the art of romance. Unfortunately, romance in this world usually leads to crushing disappointment, brought about by a change of heart or by death. Thus although we may at first find romantic affairs beautiful and enjoyable, they are eventually spoiled by the onslaught of material nature. Still, it is unreasonable to totally reject the concept of romance. Rather, we should accept conjugal attraction in its absolute, perfect, pure form, as it exists within God, without a tinge of material lust or selfishness. That pure conjugal attraction?the supreme beauty and pleasure of the Supreme Truth?is what we are reading about here in the pages of Srimad Bhagavatam.”