Marconi cheated Bose

Another bit of history not found in textbooks: Marconi did NOT invent the radio, according to Srila Prabupada. In Los Angeles, this exchange took place: Srila Prabhupada: …Just like this Marconi, he stole the knowledge from Dr. Jagadisha Candra Bose. You know that? Svarupa Damodara: I have heard this. Prabhupada: Yes. Jagadisha Candra… I was present. He said that, “This man cheated me. I talked with him. Next morning he published the theory.” Bali Mardana: Which theory was that? Prabhupada: That Marconi wireless. Bali Mardana: Wireless, radio. Prabhupada: Yes, radio. That was Jagadisha Candra Bose’s discovery. But the government will not give the credit to the Indians. Because Jagadisha Candra Bose happened to be Indian.