Sound has a special place in Vaisnava philosophy. There is another dimension to sound. According to Vedic thought, sound is the basis of everything that exists. Generating and moving in outer space, sound is the start of creation. According to this body of knowledge, sound generates the elements of touch, form, taste and smell. Sound sets things in motion. The sound of Krishna’s flute, the sound of Krishna’s voice, His words and the sounds of mantras. The Swami refers to these phenomena in his writings as the “transcendental science of sound.” Sound as described in the Vedas is energy. It generates electricity, atomic energy, cures disease, builds structures, sends missiles to their targets, and even creates whole planets. In his book, “The Teachings of Lord Caitanya,” Srila Prabhupada wrote that, “Love of God is the fifth dimension in human endeavor.” One way to describe how his drumming affected the kirtanas would be to say that he gave the chanters a glimpse of that other dimension. Certainly, the distinctive personality of the mrdanga, as introduced by Srila Prabhupada when he first played it for devotees, made a deep impression on all of us.