In his Bhakti-rasamrta-sindu, Rupa Goswami describes the percentages the various incarnations and expansions of Visnu possess. In Amhedabad, Srila Prabhupada reiterated these, as follows: “He [Rupa Goswami] has analyzed that Krsna is cent percent Bhagavan. And Narayana is ninety-four percent Bhagavan. And Lord Siva is eighty-four percent Bhagavan. And all other living entities, all living entities, we are, we are minutely seventy-eight percent Bhagavan. That means when you come to the perfection of life, when you are actually in the spiritual stage, then you are…, you have got the qualities of Bhagavan in minute quantity, but not all the qualities-eighty, seventy-eight percent.”