Publications by Mukunda Goswami

Miracle on Second Avenue

“Miracle on Second Avenue is the best description yet of those fine days of endless horizons, when everything was possible…”
from the Introduction by Shyamasundar Das Adhikari

“One of the most important books for ISKCON today”
— HH Radhanatha Swami

“A real page turner – couldn’t put it down”
— HG Ravindra Swarup das

Inside the Hare Krishna Movement

From 1988 to 1998 the Hare Krishna movement was developing in ways hidden from people. Twenty years after its founding in 1966, ISKCON had become a fact of life. We were here to stay. In my view, our movement would influence the world. It was in this historical context that I decided to publish the following collection of ‘insider’ essays and editorial views, which, for a time, were strictly confidential. ‘Inside’ is a look into how we saw things from the inside out.

Divine Nature

Michael Cremo and Mukunda Goswami outline a challenging new vision of humankind and the natural world, revealing how a spiritual approach can save humanity from the environmental catastrophe we have been heading towards. Its in-depth exploration of history, scientific theory, and the metaphysics of karma offers concerned earth-watchers a spiritual blueprint for creating a better world.


Chant and Be Happy

There’s nothing higher than chanting and meditating on the maha-mantra. What are the origins of the mantra? Who are the saints who demonstrated its efficacy? This small pocket edition answers a lot of questions and may encourage you to Chant and Be Happy.

The Higher Taste

New recipes for the health-conscious. This revised edition includes ecological and moral reasons to become a vegetarian, and new, healthier recipes – over 50 – organized into nine delicious meals from Italy, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and other countries.

Spirit Matters

Spirit Matters

It combines ancient wisdom of the Vedas with practical Western approach and erudition. The articles deal with various subject matters, global problems and issues we face in our day-to-day lives. Spirit Matters views modern challenges from a spiritual and philosophical angle.