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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Moratorium on Initiations



This statement supersedes any and all previous statements about a moratorium on further initiations.


As of 03 December 2021, I will NOT be giving any 1st, 2nd (gayatri), or sannyasa initiations, with the following exceptions: siblings, sons or daughters, parents, spouses of devotees to whom I have given diksa or gayatri initiation. I’ll also initiate anyone to whom I have already promised to give initiations before I established the moratorium. I’ll give sannyasa and gayatri (2nd) initiation to anyone to whom I’ve given diksa or gayatri initiation. I’ll generally follow this procedure, but when special circumstances occur and on rare occasions, I may give initiation to anyone not in these categories.


The above exceptions are subject to change. All changes will be posted on my website. So, if you want to stay current, check this website


I will consider giving diksa initiation to those whose parents or one of his or her parents has received diksa initiation from a living ISKCON guru, and who is still following the four regulative principles and is daily chanting 16 rounds. The parent(s) must also be a dedicated follower of ISKCON in good standing. The initiation candidate should have a recommendation from an ISKCON leader who is in good standing. The candidate should have been chanting my pranam mantras prior to initiation, preferably, for one year.


I will consider for diksa and afterward gayatri (2nd initiations) for 4 (four) participants in my Solsanga meetings in Murwillumbah. 


I will consider for diksa and afterward gayatri (2nd initiation) for anyone waiting for 10 years or more to be initiated, provided he/she has been chanting 16 rounds daily, following the regulative principals and has been recommended by an ISKCON authority in good standing. He or she should have been chanting my pranam mantras prior to initiation, preferably, for one year.


I will consider for diksa and afterward gayatri (2nd initiation) anyone who has visited me repeatedly in New Govardhana (Australia), from a far-away country (excluding New Zealand), for at least five years and has been recommended by an ISKCON authority in good standing.Candidates should have been chanting my pranam mantras prior to initiation, preferably,for one year.


-- End of Statement --