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Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Moratorium Statement

This statement supersedes any and all previous declarations about a moratorium on further initiations.



As of 19 January 2012, I will NOT be giving any 1st, 2nd (gayatri), or sannyasa initiations.

Possible Exceptions:

  1. Those to whom I’ve promised initiation before my first moratorium (on 6 November 2003) on initiations.
  2. Sons, daughters, parents and spouses of those I’ve initiated.
  3. Second (Gayatri [Brahmana] initiation to those to whom I’ve given first initiation.
  4. Those who've taken shelter of and receive instructions (siksha) from devotees who I have initiated (first or second).

Note: I’ll generally follow these procedures, but I may choose not to. In special circumstances and on rare occasions, I may give initiation to people who are not in these categories. When I am no longer in this body (deceased), immediate family members as defined in number 2 above, those who I’ve promised to initiate (before I established the moratorium), those who've taken shelter of and receive instructions (siksha) from devotees who I have initiated (first or second) and those to whom I’ve given first and/or second initiation or who qualify for sannyasa, can choose an ISKCON guru to give them the appropriate initiation.

ADDENDA ON 10 February 2012:

I am 70-years-old on 10 April 2012, a member of the sannyasa order. My body is fragile and frail. I am subject to many diseases. I am not very adept at living alone. The house I live in has a "guest room" and a total of 2 full bathrooms (each with a toilet and shower). My servant has to be almost a male nurse. Therefore, as far as initiation goes, I will give preferential treatment to male devotees who live with me in this house and who personally serve me for two weeks continuously minimum. This may seem a bit unfair to females and males who can't reside here for the 2-week minimum period (my dwelling is in northern New South Wales, Australia). But life in this material world is ITSELF unfair (“nasty, brutish and short,” wrote famous social contract theorist, Thomas Hobbes [1588–1679]). Also, it would be required that any devotee in this servant category to whom I would consider giving diksha or shiksha, must also be taking shelter of and instruction from others to whom I’ve given formal diksha or shiksha initiation.



The above statement is subject to change. All future changes will be posted on my website. So if you want to stay current, it’s imperative that you regularly check this website: