Srila Prabhupada Pokes Fun at Indians “learning” from America.

Here is an exchange that took place in Mauritius on the 4th of October, 1975: Indian man (2): I want to know one thing, Prabhupada. You have just said that in the moon there is a cold atmosphere and there is still a living entity there? You see? But what the Americans have said… Of course, they have sent man there, different rockets there, satellites… Prabhupada: So I understand. Your authority is America, and my authority is sastra. That is the difference. Indian man (2): But they… Prabhupada: That is the difference. That means your authority is America. You say through the words of the American. You have not experienced. Your position: you have no experience. My position: I have no experience. But you accept the Americans, authority, and I accept the sastra as authority. That is the difference. Indian man (2): This I want to know the difference, whether it is true or not. Prabhupada: That is up to you whether you accept American or the sastra. That is up to you. But you cannot say because you have learned from America, therefore it is correct. Indian man (2): But they have revealed to the world that there is no living entity there, but the sastra says there is… Prabhupada: Why? Reason does not say so. Why there is no living entity? We see living entities are everywhere. Why you say that there is no living entity? Indian man (2): But when these fellows have come there… Prabhupada: These fellows… Therefore your authority are these fellows. These fellows will say something now, and after ten years they will change. These fellows are like that.