The downside of computerization/globalization

On 27, 1972 Srila Prabhupada was lecturing in America. He did not want computerization to stop but he wanted to show that they don’t actually solve the problem of societal unrest, although we know they can be used to good advantage. Here is what he said: “Just like I gave you one example: the computer machine. It can work for thousands of men. So thousands of men means the thousands of men must be unemployed. And especially in your country, they are taking advantage of this machine because the salary is.. If you want to pay to the worker, a big, big salary. So they want to save. They are taking machine, and they think they will save money, so many workers. But the workers are becoming unemployed. The government has to give them welfare. The government will tax….Government will not give money, welfare, from government’s pocket. The government will increase your taxation. So you are…, you stop payment by importing [sic] some machine, now you have to pay that money to the government. This is called entanglement. This is a crude example. I don’t say that you stop all this business, but the material world is like that. You want to solve something; instead of solving, you’ll create so many problems. This is material life. Because our life is not meant for solving problems and creating problems. Our life is meant for understanding God. Then everything is all right.